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H.O.P.E Team

H.O.P.E. Team Coaching Package

Helping Your Team

Hear, Orient, Pursue and Establish Your Purpose and Calling


In this dynamic and supportive team setting, Your Team Members will ~

Hear powerful truths and research about working as a team

  Orient themselves to their best place of service and strategy for your Team

    Pursue Individual and Team strengths to move your Team forward

      Establish values and goals to achieve your Team's purpose and calling


The H.O.P.E. Team Coaching Package:

4 - 8 Participants

3-Month Commitment

2-Hour sessions, 2x Month

1 ~ 30-Minute Individual Participant Session per month


Team Coaching Sessions include:

- H.O.P.E. (Hear, Orient, Pursue, and Establish)

    - Team Values and Strengths Assessments

    - Team Work Exercises

    - Individual and group exploration exercises

    - Group Discussion

    - Relationship Building

    - Communication Skills Sharpening


Individual Participant Sessions Include:

    - CliftonStrengths Online Assessment

    - Strengths Faith Performance Coaching

    - Support identifying personal goals and creating strategies and action                plans towards them


You will receive 131/2 Hours of Coaching over 3 months.


Audio recordings of  Individual Sessions will be shared with the individual along with access to resources and tools available such as the Life Balance Survey, Values Inventory, Personal Identity Worksheet and more.  


$450 per person - 4 minimum, $150/month


$300 per person - 5 or more, $100/month



Workshops and Customized Team Coaching Packages are available upon request.


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