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Psalm 139:1-3, Part B

8. Read Psalm 139. Write out complete Psalm.

9. Read and meditate on verse 2. Write it out – Word by Word.

10. Take inventory of your “thought closet”. Journal about what you find there. Journal your prayer or praise, as appropriate about your findings.

11. “You understand my thoughts” (Psa 139:2) could be expressed, “God, you know what I think before I even think it.”

What that means to us is this: God knows what we really believe about Him, not just what we say about Him.

He knows where we stand, and He knows what our real opinions are. (- Faithlife Study Bible, Lexham Press, LLS:FSB 2017-02-02T00:07:35Z)

What do you think of that statement? How does what you believe about him affect what you believe about yourself?

Journal your thoughts/prayers.

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